Sunday, 16 September 2018

Wot No Birding

Life, namely work, and the weather has been getting in the way of my birding of late and it's Autumn!!! And I haven't posted since 8th September, so really all I want to do with this post is to let you know dear reader that I am still here and very frustrated!

Before I was self-employed I used to always take the last week in September and the first week in October off as annual leave and go birding every day. I can't do this now, because if I am doing a series of wintering bird surveys at a site for example, and the weather is fit to get some surveys in, then I have to do the surveys and there goes my day or days off! I'm not after a sympathy vote as there are far more worse ways to earn a crust, but I am just offering this up as an explanation for my 'radio silence'. That in its self rings a bell, and I think I have offered that as an explanation before!

I have been out in the great outdoors but my work this past week has been completing tree assessments to provide help and guidance to landowners on the successful establishment of their woodland planting. So it's all been about weeding tree tubes, removing redundant tree tubes & stakes, returning leaning trees to an upright position and other such activities associated with the successful establishment of trees and woodland! Pleasant work none the less, but it's not birding!

This coming week I have a wintering bird survey to start and I'm hoping to get some sneaky birding in for pleasure sometime mid-week. The weather hasn't been playing ball either in terms of ringing and it is some time indeed since we have had a ringing session at the Obs, and looking at the forecast it could be some time to come before we do again!

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