Sunday, 21 September 2008

Early Promise Failed to Deliver...Again!, 21st September

At first light walking along Rossall Point I had a couple of Goldcrests in a patch of Brambles behind the dunes. The wind was southerly and the edge of a weak front lay across the bay. This could be interesting I thought. A little further on and a Phyllosc dropped out of the sky and dived into the bushes next to the Coastguard Tower. It turned out to be a Chiffchaff, but you just never know! Then in terms of grounded migrants it dried up.

Even the vis didn't really get going with only a handful of Mipits, Pied Wags and Swallows overhead. On the strength of the Crests and the Chiff I decided to have a look at a couple of other sites. Back in the car park and some tw*t had 'keyed' a scratch across the back of my car. Probably some b*stard bird scarer owner!

I had a look in Mount Park, but nothing so it was on to the Cemetery. Mipits were still moving overhead and the only grounded migrants were 6 Goldcrests. I decided that it was a little too quiet and thought that I would be better cutting my losses and returning to fight another day. I phoned 'her indoors' and ordered a bacon butty!

Back at home as I type this the Mipits are still going over and I have had my first Pink-footed Geese of the autumn with a flock of 25 south.

My mate Nigel in Canada sent me the pic below of some young Ospreys in the nest that he ringed this year and I thought that I would use the pic to brighten the page up.

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