Thursday, 11 September 2008

Lazy Afternoon Leads to Interesting Swallow Passage, 30th August

After this morning's ringing session I decided to have a little snooze in my conservatory in the afternoon. I woke up at 2.45 p.m. and I could see a steady southerly passage of Swallows over the garden and surrounding houses. I suppose at this point I should point out that my conservatory is attached to my house in Cleveleys on the west coast of Lancashire.

The passage continued until about 4.45 p.m. at the rate of about 5-10 birds per minute. If I have done my maths correctly that is between 600 and 1200 birds south during that period. There were also a few Swifts moving as well. I only recorded 4 Swifts as 'her indoors' wasn't keen on me sitting in the conservatory all afternoon counting hirundines particularly as I had been out this morning and sleeping for the early part of the afteroon!

Swift - Not one of the ones over my garden I hasten
to add!

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