Thursday, 25 September 2008

If Only West Was East......25th September

......then we would be getting the likes of Rb Flicker, Melodious, Brown Shrike, Siberian Thrush, Wryneck etc, I could go on, on this coast!

I have been out of circulation the last two days as I have been at my staff conference in Staffordshire and the best bird I could muster down there was a solitary Raven. Today one of my fellow Fleetwood birders tried his hardest in all the best migrant spots and could only manage 5 or 6 Goldcrests and 2 or 3 Chiffies. He said the best bird of the morning was a Redwing in Mount Park! Mind you did come up with the goods in the form of a juv. Hobby this evening over the ICI Pools.

On my way back from Staffordshire I called in at the feeding station on Rawcliffe Moss to put some food down. Tree Sparrows had built up nicely to 20 birds and I had a Corn Bunting fly over. Other species included 57 Goldfinch, 5 Grey Partridges and singles of Common Buzzard and Kestrel. In the hedgerow adjoining Curlew Wood were 3 Goldcrests and a Chiffchaff.

Corn Bunting - from another day

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