Friday, 20 March 2009

Back At The Farm

It was one of those afternoons today that felt good for a raptor. It was warm with a southeasterly wind. Just as I thought this all the Gulls got up from the field that was being ploughed at Moss House Farm and I was treated to three species of raptor in the air together; Buzzard, Kestrel and Sparrowhawk. Nice as they were, they weren't the sort of raptors I had in mind!

Newly created Dotterel habitat (I wish!)

At this point the Buzzard was flying back and forth over some woodland calling and when I got my scope on the wood I could see another Buzzard perched in the top of the tree. The displaying bird dropped onto the other bird and they mated. I tried to take a picture of the Buzzard in the top of the tree and it is only just a record shot, in fact a very poor record shot.

I had a wander around for an hour and a half and had a few bits and pieces. There were still 7 Yellowhammers in the feeding station hedge and they were hanging around one of the Pheasant feeders that still has grain in it. I had a few migrants but no 'summer' migrants.

I had single Siskin over and 19 Meadow Pipits flew north. A number of Curlew were dotted around the farm and were probably migrants on their way east; I had 22 in total. The only other migrants I had were 11 Redwings that were feeding on the ground in the plantation, presumably feeding on invertebrates.


There will be quite a lot of spring cereals going in at the farm this year and consequently every ploughed field had displaying Lapwings in. I had 18 Lapwings on my walk round. I had 4 pairs of Grey Partridge and my first couple of Stock D0ves for a while. I also had 6 of each of Corn Bunting and Tree Sparrow. Let's hope that the Tree Sparrows use some of the 30 boxes that are up for them this year!

The only other thing of note for the farm that I had was a pair of Shoveler on the pool in the plantation. It's Rossall Point for me tomorrow, so I am looking forward to that. Ian gripped me from Rossall today with a Black Redstart at the Coastguard's Tower.

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