Sunday, 15 March 2009

The Last Feeds

Last Tuesday and Friday I put the last lot of food down at Moss House Farm until I start feeding again in September. It's time to move onto Spring! There were still plenty of birds at the feeding station including 18 Yellowhammers and 125 Tree Sparrows. The only other birds of note were a flock of 67 Lapwing in a newly ploughed field next to the feeding station. I will be visiting the farm every week throughout the spring and summer and we will do some ringing there in the plantation in late summer.

As I haven't included a picture of a yanky passerine for a while and just for the hell of it, here's a picture of Lincoln Sparrow in the hand!


GoWildMarie said...

Hello Fleetwood Birder. Came across your blog from a Google E-mail Alert and really enjoyed hearing the different names of the birds you have over there. I'm in the US and am a backyard birdwatcher. I do have one acquaintance in the UK and she also sends me occasional news on birds she is seeing. I like your blog and will come back.

Fleetwood Birder said...

Hello GoWildMarie, I am glad that you like my blog. I do have an affinity for North American birds as I spent a year at Long Point Bird Observatory in Canada in 1989 and since then I have been back a few times. Hence some of the pictures of North American birds in my blog.