Sunday, 15 March 2009

Fleetwood Marsh Dog Toilet, Sorry, Nature Park!

What the f*ck is a Nature Park? I think it means that it is a site where everybody can walk their dogs off the lead, scare off all the wildlife and let their dogs crap to their hearts content!

I went to Fleetwood Marsh Nature Park yesterday to plant some willows to replace some habitat lost through development work on the docks and the place was wall to wall pooches! Dogs crapping here, dogs crapping there and dogs jumping in to one of the pools encouraged by their half-wit owners!

Dog bathing pool, sorry wildlife pool!

I planted about 50 willow cuttings to form some linear habitat and also to act as a screen against the proposed development on the docks.

At least some of the wildlife is big enough to
stand up to the dogs!

A lot of the grassland on site is botanically diverse and in the summer it is a cracking spot for butterflies. A couple of pairs of Skylarks try and nest, but I am not sure how successful they are with all the disturbance from the dogs and their foolish owners.

I moved this Common Toad before it got stood
on or crapped on!

On the pools were 5 Little Grebes, 53 Coot, Great Crested Grebe and female Gadwall.


cliff said...

You’re 100% spot on re the dog walker pest at Fleetwood Marsh. The last few times I’ve been I’ve not even bothered getting out of the car due to the number of folk exercising their dogs, all off their leads, throwing sticks & balls for them as they charge around disturbing everything & crapping all over in what is allegedly a nature reserve.
I’ve thought for a while that Wyre B.C. should rename it Fleetwood Doggy Toilet, as that more accurately describes what it is. Surely it will never develop as a nature reserve until inconsiderate dog owners show some respect by at least keeping their dogs on a lead. I fully accept dog owners should have somewhere to exercise their dogs off lead – but a nature reserve is surely not the place. I wonder if an area can be fenced off specifically for exercising dogs, so the remainder of the reserve can be left to develop in relative peace.


Fleetwood Birder said...

Hello Cliff, I will be having a meeting with the Ranger in the near future and I do have regular contact with her. So I will mention your idea about fencing an area off, which I think is an excellent idea. Whether the local authority will agree, we'll have to see.


fleetwood mum said...

What next all children fenced off. I'm sick of arrogant superior self satisfing bird watchers and walkers who think they alone own this country. No I don't own a dog just two children who also like to run and play around the nature reserve. I don't have a problem with anyone live and let live.

dog walker said...

To all you bird watchers and nature lovers, go to the countryside! Not a plot of land behind a tip and recycling plant! More people should pick up their dog's excrement I agree but you should get a grip!