Saturday, 28 November 2009

They Got It Right

I was hoping they wouldn't, but the weathermen got it right for this morning. I only had a couple of hours to go birding from first light this morning as I had a nephew arriving from South Wales mid-morning. The forecast was for rain for a couple of hours from about 0600 onwards and then it was forecast to clear. I set my alarm for 0700 hoping that the weathermen would have got the timing wrong as usual and I would manage a couple of hours birding before the rain came in. It wasn't to be; as the alarm sprung into life I could hear the rain on the conservatory roof.

When I got up an hour later it was still raining but within an hour of that it stopped and as it was calm I put up an eighteen foot net up in the garden for a couple of hours. On my garden's standards I did okay ringing 10 new birds and retrapping two as follows:

Goldfinch - 4/0
Great Tit - 2/0
Blue Tit - 2/0
Starling - 2/0
Dunnock - 0/2

The forecast at the moment is for it to be dry in the morning with a 12-14 mph northerly wind. Probably too windy for birding, but I should get out birding, I hope!

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