Saturday, 14 November 2009

Too Wet

In case you were wondering whether I got out this morning; I didn't. I did set my alarm as I said for 06:30, but it was lashing it down, so it was back to bed for a lie in. As I write this it is still raining, so frustratingly I haven't been out. The problem with my local patch is that there aren't any sites on reserves with hides or sites where you can watch from the car. Now I don't mind birding in the rain if there is a chance of some grounded migrants, in fact I love it, but at this time of year all you do is get wet and see knob all.

At the moment the forecast is very similar for tomorrow, but as always I'll set my alarm and have a look even though it will be a late night tonight for me. Dedication! Or should that be foolishness!

For a splash of colour on a grey day, below is a picture of a Kingfisher I took in the hand in 2006.

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