Monday, 22 February 2010

Going Down

Are the Tree Sparrows starting to disperse I wondered as I put some food out on Rawcliffe Moss this morning. I only counted 94 this morning and Phil had 135 on Sunday (21st) and I had 208 on Thursday (18th), so there is definitely a downward trend there. It will be interesting to see what happens later this week if we get any snow and whether the numbers pick up again. It is my plan to stop feeding in early March and switch to some coastal ringing for the Spring.

In addition to the Tree Sparrows at the feeding station there were fifteen Chaffinches, two Grey Partridges and three Yellowhammers. A flock of 104 Lapwing flew over heading in a south-easterly direction and a Buzzard flew along the front of Curlew Wood. Back at the barn I had a further eleven Chaffinches, six Yellowhammers and a single Kestrel. All this was happening with a background accompaniment of whistling Teal from a nearby pond.

Talking of sweet music from the Teal, my two 'babies' below can make sweet music when cranked up to number eleven!

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