Tuesday, 2 November 2010

The Birding World Has Gone Mad

I am not going to dwell on this but did you see the 'twitching' programme on BBC4 last night? What an absolute bunch of fecking toss pots. And Lee Evans, what a complete and utter 'merchant banker'! In fact I am speechless as the programme was absolute garbage and it was only garbage that was being spoken by the main protagonists. I am so glad that I am not associated with these clowns in anyway, if I was I would be too ashamed to show my face in public ever again.

 A cross between George Michael and Gordon Brown; 
by his own admission!

Continuing the madness theme I came across the following, on a blog I look at occasionally, about the American Bittern in Cornwall; "everyone was really despondent and fed up. I don't agree with flushing birds at all, BUT...... suddenly a man did lose the plot and walked in a relaxed manner into the field amongst the cows and by the gorse bushes, the American Bittern immediately flew up and flew left at 9.10 a.m.and the whole crowd cheered and clapped the man.....Yes I know birds shouldn't be flushed, BUT this bird had not been seen since early afternoon(ish) of the previous day, so its not as if it hadn't been allowed to feed etc - it had in fact been feeding for 4 hours this morning right in front of us, as we all stood there hungry!!! As someone else said - walking into that field was no different to a crow getting up from the road when you go past in the car. The man that walked in was also silent, he didn't make any pishing noises or sudden moves as I watched him the whole time. The crowd was now relaxed, smiling and chatting happily!".

What?!!!! That's alright then as long as the crowd were relaxed, smiling and chatting happily. The guy should have been put up against a wall and shot! Along with every other clown who cheered! Also, if the bird had been feeding "for 4 hours right in front of us", why the need to flush it. Fecking idiots!!! What's happened to fieldcraft in the birding world today?

This is how those clowns must like seeing their American Bitterns!

Let's get back to reality. I called at my feeding station on Rawcliffe Moss this morning and it was pleasing to note that Tree Sparrow numbers had increased to 111. There were 12 Chaffinch and a number of Blue, Coal and Great Tits at the feeding station as well. Other than 6 Fieldfares, 2 Redwings and a Song Thrush I didn't see anything else in the blustery conditions. Based on the weather forecast over the next few days it might be weekend before I get out and post again.


Ghost of Stringer said...

You might like to see my closing comments on the blog... I think we are singing form the same sheet !!

Yes that program was one big cringe ! The guy was obviously into collecting and not birds... stamps, numberplates, etc...

Lee was just Lee, stuck in the 80's with delusions of grandeur ! He now seems to think he's George Michael ! Hilarious !

Peter said...

I thought it very apt that the next programme on BBC4 was called 'Cuckoos'. This one though was talking about the bird.

Lancashire and Lakeland Outback Adventure Wildlife Safaris said...

Fieldcraft AND patience.

Not seen the prog yet, got it recorded but I believe there is an interesting 'moment' in the background!


ICHIOffkey said...

LEE EVANS grade A penis!!! Thats what I'll say mate

Fleetwood Birder said...

Just read your closing comments G on your blog. We are indeed singing from the same sheet.

I will miss finding out what you're up to though and feeling envious of some of the species you catch! Whizz me an email once in a while and let me know how you're getting on.

If the interesting 'moment' in the background is Paul Ellis running for the Eastern Crowned Warbler, you are indeed correct. They are all clowns!

Quite agree with you Peter and ICHIOffkey.