Monday, 29 November 2010

On the Moss Again

As a slave to a feeding station making visits every other day, my blog is naturally going to be filled with notes and comments on Rawcliffe Moss. Yesterday was no exception and I decided to treat her indoors to a bit of a wander outdoors!

 Her Indoors has become Her Outdoors!

Driving on to Rawcliffe Moss we had two Kestrels and then it was a stop at the barn to collect the seed. As we got out of the car at the feeding station track two Snipe flushed from the ditch. Walking along the hedge towards the feeding station there were a few thrushes including 8 Blackbirds, 2 Song Thrushes and 10 Fieldfares.

Views across the Moss

Tree Sparrows only numbered 79, but again there were 4 Corn Buntings, 8 Chaffinch and 6 Yellowhammers with them. As we approached the badger set a large flock of 300 Chaffinch, with at least a dozen Bramblings mixed in, flew in. I am going to keep an eye on them over the next few days and if they seem settled and follow a regular pattern I might see if I can ring a few of them. Alternatively, I hope they find their way down to the feeding station.

It was then on to the top moss and on towards the plantation. Forty skylarks lifted off the peaty fields and 3 Roe Deers crossed the track in front of us. A diversion in to the 'L' Wood revealed no Woodcock and the plantation was similarly birdless.

It was then back to the car and lunch at the Courtyard Cafe in Great Eccleston.

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