Friday, 12 November 2010

Not a Lot to Report Really

The weather, as you will know if you are in the UK, has been pretty awful recently and the only time I have managed to get is out is to feed at my Rawcliffe Moss feeding station. Usually when I go to feed I like to take my time and have a slow wander observing and counting everything. Not these past two times!

I went on Wednesday (10th) and this afternoon and it was more of a dash down the track, drop the seed off, top up the feeders, throw some apples down and back to the car! On Wednesday there were 30-40 Fieldfares feeding on the hawthorn berries and then flying to and from Curlew Wood. The same was happening today except that there was 60-70.


It was late in the afternoon when I was there today and the Fieldfares soon moved off west, presumably to roost. At one point they dropped on to the track to bathe in a puddle before heading off. As it was late afternoon I didn't see many Tree Sparrows today, but on Wednesday I was earlier and had 105. Yellowhammers haven't started building up yet and at the moment I am only getting about three.

 Yellowhammer on a frosty day last winter

It's looking like I'll get out birding tomorrow but it is still going to be fairly windy from the west so I'll need to have a little think about what to do.

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