Friday, 21 January 2011

Fog Thick Enough to Knit!

I finished work early this afternoon with the intention of feeding at my feeding station on Rawcliffe Moss and then having a good mooch around the Moss. This wasn't to be because of the dense freezing fog. I suppose in some way it was probably a blessing in disguise as it enabled me to finish off my presentation on the BTO Ringing Scheme that I am giving on Monday evening.

Interestingly in the murk I could see that there were a good few birds at the feeding station including 6 Yellowhammers, 2 Song Thrushes, 200 Tree Sparrows and 45 Chaffinch. A male Kestrel was on the telegraph wires back at the car and on my way off the Moss the usual Little Owl peered down at me through the fog from it's usual perch in the usual tree.

 Song Thrush

I am hoping the weekend will be better as I am off to Heysham tomorrow to help with the cannon netting of some Oystercatchers and then on Sunday hopefully we'll be ringing at the feeding station. I'm keeping everything crossed.

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