Saturday, 8 January 2011

In Search of Harriers

Buy this book!

This is a beautiful book, by a beautiful man, telling a beautiful story, with beautiful paintings, about beautiful birds! Even if you have The Hen Harrier  or One Pair Of Eyes, still buy it; it's fantastic.

I haven't got a great deal to report today. Yesterday I went to Rawcliffe Moss to feed, but the weather was so awful I didn't have a walk round. Numbers of Tree Sparrows and Chaffinch at the feeding station had increased to about 200 and 50 respectively, with at least half a dozen Yellowhammers.

I didn't get out this morning either as it was pouring down at first light and when it cleared I didn't fancy watching the tide at Rossall Point on a northwesterly, as it is probably the worst wind direction possible, so I spent some time updating my 'BTO Ringing Scheme' presentation that I am giving to a natural history group in a few weeks.

It looks like it is going to be dry but fairly windy tomorrow, so I'll get out birding somewhere, but unfortunately it will be too windy for any ringing.


Robin Robinson said...

I always appreciate it when birders recommend books. Thanks for that. Is the book filled with photos, painting, or all of the above?

Fleetwood Birder said...

Hello Robin,

The book is filled with paintings of mainly Northern Harriers (Marsh Hawks), but other species are included as well that he painted whilst studying Northern Harriers. If you like Northern Harriers and exquisite paintings, then it is a book for you!

He even makes reference to people who have studied Northern Harriers in North America as well.