Wednesday, 4 January 2012

If Yesterday Was Hardly Worth Posting About......

.....then I don't why I am bothering today! I nipped up to the point first thing to sea watch but they have commenced work on the Coastguard's Tower so there is now nowhere to shelter. However, in about 5-6 months time there will be a brand new purpose built building in its place that will encompass a seawatching hide and an open observation platform on the roof. Wow, I can hear you all exclaim. It will be a cracking building, but it will attract a number of birders and some of these are the noisy type. You know the ones I mean! The ones that when you're seawatching and you're in the 'zone' are constantly giving you a running commentary on everything they see and want you to get on to their birds! It's even worse in Spring when you are trying to listen out for 'vis' with one eye skyward and one on the sea and one of those noisy types comes and stands next to you. Sometimes I think I may as well go home as you're not going to hear or see anything from that point on and they spend all their time moaning about how quiet it is! So, yes, it will be an excellent building and it will be even more excellent when those noisy birders aren't in it. You know who they are!

Without sufficient shelter at the point I dashed round to the obs, but the shelter on the strong westerly wasn't much cop there either. I put up with it for about half an hour, but after a handful of Little Gulls, Kittiwakes, Eiders and Common Scoters I decided to go and feed the Turnstones. As the tide was fairly low there were only 19 Turnstones and on the lakes were 4 Red-breasted Mergs.


I called at the dog toilet, sorry the Nature Park, on my way home for a quick look on the pools. They were quiet with just 28 Coot, 7 Tufteds, male Merg and single Little Grebe. There was a council guy there emptying the two overflowing dog filth bins and I empathised with him in having to do such a job. Why these filthy people can't take there dog's mess home with them I don't know, but don't get me started on that topic again!

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