Sunday, 22 July 2012

Purely Moths

Last nights heady mix of my mates band playing 'Dark Side of the Moon' and one or two, or was it six or seven pints of St. Austell's 'Tribute' meant that birding was off the agenda this morning; too much of a sore head and too much of a sore throat from singing! When I staggered in some time after midnight I remembered to switch my moth trap on and was glad that I did as I had my first reasonable catch of the summer.

I caught 37 moths of 12 species, not counting the ones that got away! I caught 2 Buff Ermines, 4 Large Yellow Underwings, 4 Dotted Clays, a Plume Moth, 4 Garden Carpets, 2 Gothic, 8 Dark Arches, 6 Common Rustic, 3 Light Arches, a Bright-line Brown-eye, a Heart and Dart and a Scalloped Oak.

 Garden Carpet

Scalloped Oak

The forecast for tomorrow isn't clear cut at the moment so whether I get out birding or get some survey work done I'm not sure.

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