Wednesday, 5 November 2014

I Think It's Called Sod's Law

I called at my feeding station yesterday to feed prior to a planned ringing session today. However when I called some of the farm staff were working on the field at the end of the track where my feeding station is, repairing some deep ruts with a tracked digger. I decided not to take the risk and turn up at first light with all  my gear this morning only to have to take my nets down after half an hour to let them re-commence work. As I said in my blog title I think it's called sods law as when I turned up to feed this morning, as I couldn't do a feed drop yesterday, there was nobody in sight and I could have had a ringing session!

I dropped some seed off and there was at least 25 Tree Sparrows and four Yellowhammers at the feeding station. I then decided to have a walk through the woodland to see if I could put up a Woodcock or two and have a look on the flooded stubble on my way home. In the hedgerow leading to the woodland were two Goldcrests and five Long-tailed Tits. I had a walk through the woodland and had the usual assortment of woodland birds but definitely no Woodcocks.

 The woodland (above & below)

On my way home I had a look on the flooded stubbles and was pleased to see two Green Sandpipers and a number of Meadow Pipits, Alba Wagtails and a single Grey Wagtail. A male Sparrowhawk put the Pipits and Wagtails up and I could see that there was about 25 and 30 of each respectively.

I've got an hour or two to spare in the morning as I have caught up on reports a little and as there is a morning tide I'll probably have a look on the sea until the rain comes in.

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