Tuesday, 5 April 2016

Post Breakfast Migrants

I hadn't planned to be out birding yesterday morning as I had a busy day in the office preparing for all of my fieldwork that starts later this month. However, a phone call from Ian as I was half way through my toast telling me that there were quite a few migrants around this morning, he was watching two Ring Ouzels, had me heading to the Obs.

There was obviously a few phylloscs around as I had four Chiffchaffs and three Willow Warblers. I heard a Ring Ouzel call and saw a bird climb high into the sky, head north, veer west and then drop somewhere right on the coast. My views were so poor (silhouetted against the light sky) and distant that I couldn't even sex it, but it was still my first of the spring. In fact some springs I don't record them at all so it was good to get an early one under the belt.

I didn't have much time so headed home and with hindsight I wish I'd stayed out because I spent the rest of the day wrestling with a dying computer to no avail!

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