Sunday, 2 June 2019

Quick Box Update

Yesterday Gail and I carried out another check of our boxes in the Hodder Valley in Bowland. We ringed six broods of Pied Flycatchers, totalling 45 pulli. We attempted to catch a few more males in the boxes without any success. Next week will probably be our last visit of the season as the two remaining broods should be ready to ring. Overall it has been a good season and fellow field workers like ourselves have been reporting similar good numbers.

Pied Flycatchers just hatching

 Pied Flycatcher chick ready to ring

Over on the right you will see that I have updated the ringing totals for Fylde Ringing Group up until the end of May. Three new species for the year were ringed during the month and these were Pied Flycatcher, Nuthatch and Lapwing. 

Below you will find the top four species ringed for the month and the top ten 'movers and shakers' for the year.

Top 4 Ringed in May
1. Great Tit - 43
2. Blue Tit - 27
3. Pied Flycatcher - 14
    Nuthatch - 14  

Top 10 Movers and Shakers for the Year
1. Lesser redpoll - 104 (same position)
2. Goldfinch - 70 (same position)
3. Linnet - 67 (same position)
4. Great tit - 61 (up from 6th)
5. Blue tit - 54 (down from 4th)
6. Chaffinch - 24 (down from 5th)
7. Siskin - 17 (same position)
    Blackcap - 17 (up from 8th)
9. Meadow Pipit - 15 (same position)
    Willow Warbler - 15 (up from 10th)   

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