Thursday, 7 January 2010

Still In The Icy Grip

I had another ice driving session this morning as I made my way to Rawcliffe Moss. I didn't have long, just a quick dash to feed. It was pleasing to note that, as predicted, the Tree Sparrows had increased to 80 and correspondingly the Chaffinch to 12.

As usual a Grey Partridge called from the field in front of Curlew Wood and four Yellowhammers were at the feeding station. A few Blackbirds and a couple of Fieldfares seem to be surviving on the apples I put out and they make short work of them too.

Driving off the moss and past the 'Little Owl tree' I could see the resident Little Owl looking down at me and staring right into my soul with those piercing yellow eyes. Tremendous!

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cliff said...

I'm loving the Little Owl, I wouldn't mind a look at that sometime.