Friday, 15 January 2010

Slippery When Wet

Not much to report today other than a quick dash to Rawcliffe Moss to feed. The track across the moss was at its most dangerous since the big freeze began with a film of water on top of sheet ice; lovely!

I think really all I need to say is that I had the usual! The usual today being nine Yellowhammers, 180 Tree Sparrows, two Grey Partridges and twenty Chaffinch. It was good to see the Tree Sparrow numbers bouncing back. In fact over the last three feeds the numbers have gone 34, 110 and 180. Hopefully they'll be back over 200 soon.

Over the past few days my office window peanut feeder has been visited by six Long-tailed Tits. They come just before first light to feed and then again just as it is getting dark. I imagine they are looking to get a protein boost at the start and end of the day.

The weather looks pretty awful for tomorrow, but dry and a touch windy for Sunday, so we'll probably try our hand at a few more Coot on Sunday. Watch this space.

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fat paul said...

Snap... my long-tailed tits appear early morning and late in the day (dusk/dark). I wondered if it was 'common' behaviour. I think you confirmed it. Thanks for the blog.