Sunday, 17 January 2010


It was another Coot ringing session at Stanley Park today for Craig, Ian and Me, and we were joined by 'ace' Coot catcher Kane Brides who has ringed an incredible 150 Coots in the past week alone, at Southport Marine Lake, along with an amazing 50 Tufted Ducks, and all by hand!

Unfortunately the Coots weren't 'playing ball' today and we only managed to catch and colour ring three.

In addition to the Coot we caught an adult female Mallard and an adult male Tufted Duck. The Tufted Duck was a ringing tick for me and a new addition to Fylde Ringing Group's list of species ringed. Thanks go to Kane for catching this stonking bird.

The Tufted Duck was the 110th species ringed by the group. Phil and Will went to ring at the old Royal Albert hospital near Lancaster and caught the 10th Woodcock for the group this morning.

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