Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Back On The Pavement

Another bitterly cold day in the field today with that 'lazy' easterly wind still biting and there were a number of snow flurries to contend with. I've noticed now that there are very few birds singing compared to how it was before the cold snap. A couple of weeks ago when I first went up on to the pavement there were plenty of birds singing, but this morning it was absolutely 'dead'. I saw three birds today and these were a sinigng Yellowhammer, Bullfinch and a Woodcock, and that was it.

I heard the Met Office saying today that this cold weather would last in to next week and the 30 day forecast was for below average temperatures!

Crikes, watch them Grykes!

 The view from the office today

1 comment:

Warren Baker said...

Same here with the birdlife, they've all gone quiet.
Thats depressing news about the weather for the next 30 days :-(