Saturday, 16 March 2013

Trying Hard In The Rain

The cloud and rain came in too early last night to produce 'the goods' this morning except perhaps for a few Blackbirds. There was some potential for a few grounded migrants in last night's forecast, depending on the timing, but the timing was all wrong and this morning we ended up with some blocking murk instead.

Nevertheless I hit the coast and checked the obs for grounded migrants in the constant light rain. I slogged around for over an hour with nothing other than 11 Blackbirds, that when combined with counts of Blackbirds at other locations around the obs, perhaps indicated that there had been a light grounding of Thrushes.

I headed to the cemetery to try my luck there, but met Ian who had already walked the cemetery with just a single Goldcrest to report. We decided to cut our losses and headed to a new area of the obs and cut three net rides in a very sheltered location in preparation for some spring mist netting.

It's going to rain tomorrow morning as well, but I will be out again trying hard in the rain!

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