Monday, 18 March 2013

More Work For Her Indoors

I've had about 80 Willow whips sat rooting in a bucket of water for several weeks now, so I decided yesterday morning that I would sacrifice a few hours birding and treat Gail to some tree planting at the obs. I also wanted to trim a couple of the net rides and attach the ropes to another.

One particular net ride has been the focus of tree planting and we probably put at least 40 Willows in here alone, with the remaining 40 distributed between three other net rides. As we were busy planting there was a steady light passage of vis north including Grey Wagtail, Alba Wag and Meadow Pipit. The only other birds of note seen whilst working were two Redwings, a female Sparrowhawk and a number of Pink-footed Geese dropping into the farm fields across the road.

 Gail planting Willows

Planted Willows at net one

I'm not sure how much birding or ringing I'll get done this week, not just because of work commitments but because of the weather. It's going to be a week of strong cold easterlies, but we'll see.

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