Wednesday, 20 March 2013

On The Pavement

There were Meadow Pipits going over as I loaded my car yesterday morning before heading off to south Cumbria and also as I came out of Booths in Kirkby Lonsdale with a fine selection of real ales, Mipits were heading east up the Lune Valley.

I've got a busy week with work this week, but I shouldn't complain. I am in the middle of surveying an extensive area of limestone pavement in south Cumbria at the moment and that's where I was this morning. The habitats on the pavement vary from open pavement in good condition through to areas of thick scrub leading to woodland.

 The view from my desk at lunchtime

The Mipit movement was obvious over the pavement with birds heading north. I didn't get to the site until mid-morning and the focus of my attention was on the ground as I didn't want a leg dropping down a gryke, so I only recorded 24 birds. Other species encountered on the pavement were a single Grey Wagtail east, a Kestrel, two Siskins north, a calling Green Woodpecker and two Jays.

 Limestone Pavement

I've just made the mistake of looking at the weather forecast to see if we are going to get any ringing done at the obs anytime soon and we're not! I''ll keep looking and hoping.

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Warren Baker said...

Looks like raging easterlies this weekend :-(

Might blow something interesting in ?