Monday, 18 August 2014

A Wee Dander Before Work

This morning I had a wee dander down to the estuary before heading off to Bowland for a site visit. I had 6 oktas cloud cover with a stiff northwesterly wind. I only had about an hour to spare and an hour was enough as I'm still suffering with my man flu!

 The office today

There were a number of Gulls roosting on the spit and these included 189 Herring Gulls with an adult Yellow-legged Gull out on the mud. The Redshanks numbered 190 with a supporting cast of 32 Oystercatchers, seven Curlews, two Whimbrels and a Lapwing.

I had very little else other than three Linnets and a male Sparrowhawk, but it was good to be out after some man flu enforced time indoors!

This male Swallow spent some time singing from an aerial on a boat

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