Thursday, 28 August 2014

Lots of Swallows

Just a quick update from the Swallow roost. Graham, Ian and I went yesterday evening to 'work' the roost and we managed to ring 123 Swallows, a Sand Martin, a Reed Warbler and a Sedge Warbler. So not bad for an evenings 'work'!

When you are busy ringing it's hard to estimate how many Swallows are roosting because you are concentrating on the ringing, but I thought there was perhaps 2-3,000 birds coming in. The only other appearances in my notebook were a Buzzard and Kestrel.

The forecast is for strong southwesterlies and rain for tomorrow, with an improving picture on Saturday, so it will probably be Saturday before I post again. I do intend to get out Saturday morning even though it will be a late night for me as I'm off to see Kathryn Roberts and Sean Lakeman. Have a look at Kathryn Roberts singing a song called the 'Ballad of Andy Jacobs' here The song is about a young miner during the miners strike; brilliant lyrics and a cracking voice! I think I must be going soft in my old age as there's not a monster guitar riff in sight! 

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