Friday, 1 August 2014

Ton Up

Ian and I had a more successful session at the Swallow roost last night and we were joined by Graham and Huw. It was perfect conditions for ringing Swallows as it was calm, overcast and warm, and as such the Swallows responded early to the MP3s.

We put two nets up; one close to the roost amongst the reeds and a second covering an open area alongside the pool. We managed to ring 108 Swallows plus five Reed Warblers and two Sedge Warblers. Again the Reed Warblers were interesting as they were carrying a lot of fat with scores of 40 and 50 respectively. This site does seem to be a good fattening area for Acros.

The forecast is a bit 'iffy' for the next couple of days, but fingers crossed we should be back at the Swallow roost either Sunday or Monday night.

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