Sunday, 7 September 2014

The End?

Last night Huw, Ian and I might have had the final session at the Swallow roost for the year, although I think it will depend on what happens over the next few days. We went to the reedbed and put the nets up and unfortunately only about ten Swallows came in to roost! As we get into September the number of Swallows moving through decreases and this of course is reflected in the numbers of birds roosting.

Poor weather reduces the number of birds roosting as it impacts negatively on the number of birds migrating and yesterday morning was wet with next to no passage of Swallows. As there has only been about a thousand birds roosting of late it only takes one day of poor weather to reduce the roost to virtually nil. If a good n umber of Swallows are on the move over the next few days it will be worth going again as the roost will build up, but if there isn't that will be it until next year.

We didn't draw a complete blank from a ringing perspective as we managed to ring a Sedge Warbler and two Swallows. Just two Teal were on the pool and two Snipes on the mud, and I imagine the Sparrowhawk that came for a hirundine supper was just as surprised as us!

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