Monday, 9 March 2015

A Boxing Day In March

At the weekend Gail and I headed to the Hodder Valley in Bowland to carry out a maintenance visit on my Pied Flycatcher boxes. Most of them were still in good order and I only had to replace two, although I put 2 or 3 on my 'replace next year' list. So a trip to the timber merchants will be in order later in the year to make some boxes to put in stock.

I didn't find anything unusual in the boxes whilst checking them, other than an old wasps nest in one of them (see below). I did find a few bits of fresh moss in one or two boxes as though a few Tits were starting to think about nest building.

 Wasps nest attached to box lid

We didn't see much walking round the woods other than a Woodcock, several Redwings and a couple of Nuthatches. It won't be long before I'm back checking on the Pied Fly's!

Pied Flycatcher; coming soon to a 
woodland near you!


Warren Baker said...

Fingers crossed for a good breeding year !

The Hairy Birder said...

I'll second that!