Friday, 27 March 2015

Kite Country

I've been working in an area this week that was part of a Red Kite release scheme a number of years ago and it was a pleasure to see several of these impressive raptors on the wing. They are still a rare bird in my neck of the woods, so I suppose that made it more enjoyable.I tried to get a few shots of some of them but they turned out pretty awful, so I won't bother posting any here. It was also a pleasure to see displaying Lapwings and Curlews, reinforcing the feeling of spring that we have at the moment. Mind you as I drove through the uplands of Bowland first thing yesterday morning it was a shock to encounter a covering of snow and even the road had a light covering too!

On the subject of the weather it's looking grim for the next several days with strong westerlies and not much chance of any further arrivals of summer migrants. There will only be one thing to do and that will be some sea watching; I'll keep you posted.

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