Wednesday, 3 February 2016

Peanuts and Pinkies

I had to call at the feeding station this morning to top the feeders up and it was a glorious morning with clear blue skies. It was still quite windy but I was just glad that it wasn't raining.

Over recent weeks nearly all the feeders are empty when I go to feed except for one niger feeder that is invariably a third to half full. However, today it was empty and I am hoping that this is a sign of more birds perhaps. Feeders were topped up, seed spread on the ground and a few apples rolled out!

 One of the net rides at the feeding station complete with feeders and 

I had a quick look round the surrounding scrub but it was relatively quiet other than 28 Magpies, four Long-tailed Tits, four Goldfinches and a female Sparrowhawk.

On the way back home I stopped to have a look at the Pink-footed Geese and there were about a thousand. Over recent weeks there hasn't been anything amongst them, but today there was a Barnacle Goose! I looked hard and tried to string a few Pinkies into Bean Geese, but it wasn't happening!

 Pink-footed Geese

At one point something flushed the Pinkies....

...and when they landed some of them were a little closer

A 'grainy' Barnacle Goose

The forecast is looking very changeable again for the next seven days at least, so it remains to be seen what I can get out and do.


Ana Mínguez Corella said...

Great!!! Have nice day.. :-)))

The Hairy Birder said...

Thank you Ana, you have a nice day too!