Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Accipiters and Gyrs!

Eagle eyed readers of this blog, or should I say Gyr Falcon eyed readers, will have noticed that I cocked up with one of the pictures I posted yesterday. I said it was a Gos, one too many Ciders and not looking at the pictures properly (that's my excuse anyway), when in fact it is a hatch year female Gyr Falcon! Thanks Gary for pointing out my mistake!

No birding for me today after proclaiming yesterday that I was going to get out every day over the holidays! Waiting for a guy to fix the washing machine this morning and then Christmas shopping (unsuccessfully) for her indoors this afternoon meant I didn't get out. So why the title?

I was having a chat by email over the past week with some colleagues from NE and RSPB about Sparrowhawks, and then it developed into tales of birds that can give you grief in the hand! Gary sent over a cracking picture of a male Sparrowhawk and it got me thinking about what a handful Sparrowhawks can be. Nigel then sent me a picture of his mate Mike holding a hatch year female Gyr Falcon and it made me feel relieved that we only handle Sparrowhawks. Okay, I know I'm a wimp Nigel! Pictures of said Sparrowhawk and Mike and the Gyr below.

In fact whilst we are on the subject of  Accipiters I have included a shot of Coopers and Sharp-shinned Hawk below. 

Oh, and how about a Gos?!

Thanks agin for these Nigel!


Ghost of Stringer said...

looks more like a gyr falcon to me mate ! lovely !!

Fleetwood Birder said...

You're right Gary it is a Gyr; my mistake!