Monday, 27 December 2010


That's the only way to describe the weather conditions as I trudged down the track to my feeding station on Rawcliffe Moss this morning in the pouring sleet. There seemed to be an increase in the number of Thrushes as I had 40 Fieldfares, 10 Redwings and 10 Blackbirds in the hawthorn hedge.

Flying away with the Thrushes were 6 Yellowhammers and at the feeding station I had 150 Tree Sparrows, 20 Chaffinch and single Brambling, Reed Bunting and Buzzard. Interestingly a Buzzard flew away from the feeding station. I imagine it was interested in the avian activity there and fancied chancing upon a meal!

The weather was so appalling it wasn't worth having a walk to see what else was around. I am keen to get up to the plantation to see if the hard weather has brought any Redpolls in, as there are plenty of Alder and Birch catkins up there. A nice pale frosty white Redpoll of the 'Arctic' variety would be nice, but highly unlikely! But you never know!

The forecast for tomorrow is for rain, but as always I remain optimistic, and hope to be able to get out.

Below is a picture of a Swainson's Thrush from my good mate Nigel in Canada. I'd love to find one of them one autumn! That's just reminded me my 'Sibley' is still in the boot of my car from the autumn, so I must retrieve it.


Kelly said...

...a beautiful Thrush! I've seen them near my home on the Little Miami River! I hope your weather shapes up so you can get out to see the birds.

Fleetwood Birder said...

Thanks Kelly. The weather is finally warming up and a thaw has set in, although the weather forecasters are saying it will go very cold again towards weekend.