Thursday, 23 December 2010

Even Colder

As I drove to Myerscough this morning to put some food out at my office feeding station it was the coldest here that it has been all winter at minus 11.5 Celsius! On the way there I had two Buzzards perched on top of consecutive telegraph poles and cursed the fact that my camera was in my boot and not next to me like my bins! I'll know next time.

This is the second day since being off from work that my birding time has been limited. I had to try again to get some presents for 'her indoors' and get back home for lunchtime for the washing machine engineer to fit the part he didn't have yesterday to the washing machine! Enough of this domestic nonsense.

I called at Rawcliffe Moss to feed the Tree Sparrows and had a brief walk round. A few Pink-footed Geese were moving around this morning and were struggling to find anywhere to feed as everything is still under a blanket of snow. At the feeding station were 8 Yellowhammers, 20 Chaffinch and 176 Tree Sparrows.

In the hawthorn hedge leading to and from the feeding station were 7 Blackbirds, 5 Redwings and 5 Fieldfares with a further 20 flying over. I had a walk along the '97' hedge, but as you would expect away from the feeding station birds were few and far between.

I didn't have any opportunities to photograph anything this morning, or should I say nothing presented itself to me! So I have included two pictures once again from my old mate Nigel. The first one is cute, a young Porcupine, and the second is a Red-tailed Hawk that looks rather a handful. I'm still a wimp Nigel!

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