Thursday, 30 December 2010

From Coast to Moss

After I had been to Rossall yesterday I didn't get chance to post as I went to see the new, or should I say not so new, Harry Potter film. Having said that I didn't have a great deal to post, although I did enjoy my walk round the 'obs'.

As I walked down the track I had 4 Redwings exit the hedge. There doesn't seem to be many berries left on the Hawthorns but there must have been something that they, the 6 Blackbirds and 4 Song Thrushes were feeding on. Pink-feet were arriving in groups of 'tens' and 'hundreds' and I could see them dropping in to the east onto Fleetwood Farm. At one point something flushed them as I could see over a thousand birds climbing into the air before dropping down again.

I headed along the north hedgerow and had a Brambling go over, closely followed by a lone Grey Wagtail. Four Skylarks headed north and I wondered if these were weather displaced birds heading 'back'. On the farm fields I had 14 Lapwings which was notable and these were obviously weather displaced birds.

I headed south towards the dunes and other than a Kestrel and 2 Reed Buntings it was very quiet. On my way back to my sea watch spot I had 3 Redshanks drop in to the flooded fields.

It was murky out at sea and consequently I didn't spend too long 'scoping' the murk! Cormorants were conspicuous by their comparatively low numbers of 12 and I also had 6 male Eiders and a single 'Red-throat' south doing it's best to look like a 'Black-throat'. Or was I trying to string it into a 'Black-throat' in desperation; probably!

It was off to Rawcliffe Moss to feed at my feeding station, today, followed by a walk round. Corn Buntings were obvious this morning with several singing birds and I had 20 in total. I love the way Corn Buntings sing in the Winter; it makes me think that Spring is just round the corner!

 The above blurry image is a Corn Bunting taling off. Honestly!

At the feeding station were 21 Chaffinch, 6 Yellowhammers, 12 Blackbirds, 5 Fieldfares and 192 Tree Sparrows. I headed along the '97' hedge and up to the wild bird seed plot. In a 'rough' field corner were 2 Brambling with 5 Linnets and 6 Chaffinch. In the wild bird seed plot were just 6 Skylarks and 6 Reed Buntings.

Pink-footed Geese were moving over this morning and I had 736 in various flocks. I headed north towards the plantation and had a quick 'dive' into the L Wood which was very quiet. The plantation was equally quiet other than a few Long-tailed Tits and a flock of 20+ Chaffinch.


There's been a thaw, but the pond in the plantation is stil frozen.

That was it for today, but hopefully I will back tomorrow morning to ring at the feeding station.


Birdringal-andalus said...

Seummus Dear Friend, Greetings: I did not want to spend this time poderte dear to wish you and your family a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2011.
Please enlighten us with your blog and beautiful pictures.
Sincerely, your friend Fernando Gavilan.

Fleetwood Birder said...

Thanks Fernando and a Happy New Year to you and your family too! I look forward to seeing what you catch and ring in the coming year.