Thursday, 22 March 2012

Bits and Pieces

As I had a site visit this morning I wasn't able to get out birding, so all I did first thing was to check my moth trap. In the trap were just two moths; Common Quaker and Hebrew Character. It looked as though there would be some birds on the move because as soon as I stepped out into my garden I had Siskin and Alba Wagtail going over.

 Common Quaker

Hebrew Character

It was a pleasure doing my site visit in the warm spring sunshine with 'tumbling' Lapwings for company and Skylarks singing from the heavens.

I made my last feed visit to my feeding station and then I had a walk round for a short while. It felt like a raptor afternoon, perhaps an early Osprey or Marsh Harrier I hoped, but the only raptors I had were Buzzard and Kestrel. Yellowhammers were in full song and I had three singing males plus a bird that flew over calling. As expected there were few birds at the feeding station, just 12 Tree Sparrows and 3 Chaffinch.

 I had 6 Brown Hares on my walk this afternoon

I had a few migrants on my walk, but not summer migrants from Africa, and these included 135 Fieldfares, 19 Curlews and 3 Golden Plovers. The Fieldfares were chattering excitedly from the tops of the trees in Curlew Wood, acting as though they would be departing later this evening.

 Whilst watching the Fieldfare five Roe Deer ran out from Curlew Wood 
(I know there are only three here!)

Two Grey Partridges, two Reed Buntings and two Stock Doves were all I could add and it was soon time for me to head home and get back working behind that PC.

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