Monday, 26 March 2012

Just Moths

When I say 'just moths' I'm not suggesting that they are in any way inferior to birds, but it is more of a statement to say that it was just moths that I recorded today. With work piling up I decided that I needed a day in the office and a third early morning on the bounce would make me look to the sofa rather than the office chair.

When I went out to check my moth trap after breakfast straight away I had Lesser Redpoll, Linnets, Greenfinch and Siskins going over, so I suspect there was a bit of a push this morning in the clear skies. In my moth trap were 4 Plume Moth sp. (I can't identify them), 3 Hebrew Characters, Early Grey and Common Quaker.

 Plume Moth sp.

As I was loading my car with gear this evening in preparation for some ringing at the 'obs' tomorrow I spotted the two characters below on the house roof opposite.



Jonathan Scragg said...

The plume in your photo is emmelina monodactyla, probably the most common species in our area.

Fleetwood Birder said...

Thanks Jonny!