Monday, 5 March 2012

Winding Down

At this time of year I slowly wind down my feeding station on the moss. I always have mixed feelings because it marks the end of a winter of feeding and seeing some cracking farmland birds, but it also marks the start of spring and it means that I will be back at the 'obs' for the excitement of migration. I don't suddenly stop feeding, but slowly reduce the frequency of my feeding visits so the birds become less dependant on the food.

This afternoon I made one of those 'winding down' visits and as I drove down the track 4 Stock Doves lifted from some stubbles. As I was filling my bucket with seed I could hear a Buzzard calling from Tree Sparrow wood and a male Tawny Owl from Curlew Wood. As I looked up I could see the Hen Harrier hurtling past Curlew Wood propelled by the blustery northwesterly wind.

As I approached the feeding station two Grey Partridges lifted from the field and at the feeding station were a reduced number of 95 Tree Sparrows and 15 Chaffinch. I didn't have a great deal of spare time but just had enough time to walk along the '97' hedge and back. I saw something spook 14 Stock Doves and 15 Skylarks and it was the Hen Harrier again. I managed to get the heavily cropped blurry photograph below!

I had 11 Reed Buntings along the hedge and nothing else so I headed back and picked up my various containers and left the moss.


Alan Pavey said...

Well done to get any kind of Hen Harrier pic, nice one

Fleetwood Birder said...

Thanks Alan