Sunday, 4 March 2012

Boxed In

I was up at 5.45 a.m. yesterday to go birding but it was raining. Now, I am not bothered about birding in the rain and quite enjoy it when the wet conditions threaten to ground a migrant or three, but on 3rd March I decided it wasn't worth trudging around in the rain.

Instead I set to work putting the finishing touches to my boxes. They are now all proofed and holes plated, ready to go up in the next few days and hopefully provide some Pied Flycatchers and Tree Sparrows with desirable homes! As I was sat in the garden working on my boxes I had several Pied Wags and a Grey Wagtail head north, and a presumed migrant Goldcrest flitted in then out of the garden.

 Coming soon; Pied Flycatcher (above) and Tree Sparrow (below) chicks

As I write this on Sunday morning it is raining heavily again so no birding for me for a second morning running! There might be a window of opportunity for a first morning migrant monitoring at the obs on Tuesday, but as I always say 'unfortunately there is time for it to change'. Let's hope not!

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