Friday, 24 January 2014

Between The Showers

I think my blog title should read 'between the strong winds and driving rain', but that doesn't trip off the tongue quite the same! However, it is more of a true reflection of what the weather has been like in my little corner of the world. That, combined with a lot of office work this week (glad I wasn't out in the field actually) means that all I have managed to do in the short weather windows is top-up my feeding station.

I've been to feed a few times this week but I'll combine the visits in to one. Probably the best bird, or should I say birds, this week were the two Green Sandpipers I had on the flood. Because of the awful weather conditions I left my camera at home and as I drove past the flood expecting nothing there was a Green Sand! Imagine my surprise when driving off site and there were two!

Numbers of birds at the feeding station have included 119 Tree Sparrows, 12 Chaffinches and 13 Yellowhammers. It's unusual for Yellowhammers to outnumber Chaffinches! Two Buzzards have been present all week and on occasions they have flushed the feeding Corvids resulting in over two hundred Jackdaws flying over to other feeding areas.

Up to twenty Corn Buntings have been feeding in the stubbles and Redwings continue to be present with my best count of 70 this morning. Other than that it's been quiet.

I wanted to finish off by asking you to have a look at my mate Gary's blog by clicking here and reading the posting 'Emergency!! Emergency!!....We must control Scottish Sea Eagles before they start eating our children....' I'm not going to say any more but leave it to Gary to express my disbelief!

The forecast for the weekend is appalling, but marginally less appalling for tomorrow morning, so I'll attempt to get down to the estuary for a look.

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