Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Another Book Recommendation

New Year's Day saw Gail and I at my feeding station for the first feed of 2013 and amazingly the sun was shining! It was still blustery with a cool westerly wind, but it was nice to have sight of the orange ball for a change.

As we headed down the track 65 Fieldfares went over and 155 Lapwings were in the flooded field. A Great Spotted Woodpecker flew away from the feeding station as we approached as did 95 Tree Sparrows and 12 Chaffinches.

A number of Woodpigeons were moving from copse to copse this morning and in total we had 2,450 that would occasionally be spooked by the three Buzzards that were knocking about. Other than the Buzzards raptors were represented by males of Kestrel and Sparrowhawk.

Along the '97 hedge' were only two each of Reed Bunting, Yellowhammer and Grey Partridge. Amongst the stubbles and spoiled crops were eight Skylarks, four Corn Buntings, three Song Thrushes and seven Redwings. No sign of the 'monster' Chaffinch flock of recent weeks.

In the plantation two Jays went noisily about their business and a flock of 13 Long-tailed Tits accompanied by a Goldcrest moved through the trees.

If you've still got some Christmas money left over I have another book to recommend to you that I finished this afternoon; this is 'Mushrooms' by Peter Marren. For those of you familiar with that excellent and essential publication if you are a keen naturalist 'British Wildlife' you will know Peter's writing through his 'Twitcher In The Swamp' column. As the dust jacket states this book "provides a remarkable insight into the natural and human world of fungi" and it does exactly what it says on the tin. I am no expert on mushrooms, in fact I only have a passing interest taking note of more obvious species when out birding, but I thoroughly enjoyed this book and learnt a great deal. So if you have a keen or passing interest in fungi, treat yourself to this book, you won't be disappointed!

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