Monday, 28 January 2013

Bird Free Weekend

I had one of those thankfully rare weekends, from a completely obsessed birders point of view, where family commitments kept me from getting out birding. I had of course to feed the Turnstones and my farmland birds, so I can at least report on that!

At my farmland bird feeding station on the Moss were the usual 120 Tree Sparrows accompanied by 15-20 Chaffinches and at least two Bramblings. I say at least two Bramblings as I heard two different birds calling, but of course there could have been a few more. On the way on to the Moss I had Barn Owl and on the way off Little Owl, so that was nice.

After I had fed the Turnstones I hung around in the car park for ten minutes to see how many leg flagged birds I could re-sight and amongst the 80 or so 'Terry's' I read the leg flags of 14 birds, including one bird that hasn't been seen since ringing on 16th December 2012. .

So that was my rather unfortunate bird free weekend.I'll try not to let it happen again!

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