Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Splash and Dash

I've got a busy week work wise this week and my birding will be limited to feeding my farmland birds and feeding the Turnstones. Yesterday afternoon I bobbed out to my feeding station and it was a glorious afternoon. Looking east the fells looked resplendent with their icing sugar coating and it was tempting to go off for a walk and not to head back to the office to pour over the maps I had just left.

In the field next to the track were two Mistle Thrushes feeding on the sheep mowed turf along with 12 Fieldfares and a number of Starlings. Raptors were represented by two Kestrels and a calling Buzzard; no sign of the regular irregular Little Owls today!

At the feeding station proper were a Yellowhammer, 82 Tree Sparrows and 15 Chaffinches. At first I was concerned about the lack of numbers of Tree Sparrows and Chaffinches at the feeding station and then I remembered that this is often the case when I call in the afternoon. Birds generally arrive at my feeding station shortly after first light and by mid-afternoon they have either moved off to feed elsewhere or they have started heading off towards their roost site.

As I headed back to my car and ultimately back to those maps, two Jays called noisily from the wood.

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