Sunday, 6 January 2013

Fogged Off!

As I headed to the obs this morning I was driving through dense fog. I hoped that when the sun rose it would burn the fog off, but unfortunately this didn't happen. As I unlocked the gate to the obs I could hear a Song Thrush singing from the copse in the half-light and it made me think that nine weeks today would probably see the first Wheatear for the Spring at the obs. I shouldn't wish my life away!

I spent the next hour walking a circuit that would normally take me a few hours and seeing next to nothing. A calling Grey Wagtail and two Mistle Thrushes perched on posts were the meagre entrants in my notebook. As I walked round I could hear calling Pink-footed Geese and I could tell that above the murk they were heading north. At one point a patch of fog cleared enough for me to see 21 high flying 'Pinkies' heading NNE.

 Looking over the beach from the foggy obs

The moisture in the air showed the spiders ground web traps clearly

I fed the Tursnstones in the fog and called it a day heading home.

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