Saturday, 12 January 2013

More Leg Flags Fitted to Turnstones

Peter, Huw, Graham, Ian and I met at the 'Terry' feeding station this morning and set up the whoosh net with the aim of catching and marking some Turnstones, and we were hoping we would have better luck than in the week! Straight away a group of Turnstones came in for the food and we managed to catch 14. We were really pleased with the catch and now we have 45 Turnstones in circulation with leg flags on. Out of the 14 only one was aged as a 2CY bird, the rest were adults.

 Above and below; Turnstone 'BO'

Huw gallantly gave up his bacon and egg sandwiches for the cause and we used these as bait to catch a couple of Black-headed Gulls and five Starlings. One of the 'Black-heads' was an adult and the other was a 3CY bird.

 Black-headed Gull

It's looking like it will be fit for a ringing session at my farmland bird feeding station tomorrow so it will be interesting to see how may Tree Sparrows we can ring. I'll keep you posted as always. 

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J.C. Fernández-Ordóñez said...

Hi friends,

Are you using black leg flags for Turnstones?

We also will band Turnstones with black leg flag because black colour is assigned to Venezuela...

Can you contact with me, please!

avesenmano @

With the best wishes,

Juan Carlos Fernández-Ordóñez