Sunday, 13 September 2009

Lightning never strikes twice...

...well, not 'migration' lightning it would seem. Pre-dawn I found myself at Fleetwood Marsh Nature Park again with Phil for what we hoped would be another good morning's birding and ringing. We should have taken the burnt out car, attended by the fire brigade, and the flattened gates caused by 'joy riders' in said burnt out car as a bad omen. However, forever the optimists we put this behind us and persevered. The result was a big fat zero! Nothing ringed and nothing going over to tempt down to our tapes, and most definitely no grounded migrants.

The only consolation we could take from this morning's unmitigated disaster was the fact that everything we had ringed yesterday had cleared out and was therefore winging their way somewhere. So, unfortunately this means a picture less blog, perhaps!

Visible migration was limited to literally a handful of Mipits, Alba Wagtails, Snipe and single Grey Wag and Golden Plover. A flock of 16 Linnets noisily roamed the Nature Park and only 10 Lapwings were on the 'tyre' pool.

Counting the wildfowl on the 'CEGB' pool there had been an increase in Tufteds to 24 and they were accompanied by 3 Little Grebes and 22 Coot.

I couldn't not have a picture in my blog, so how about a Baltimore Oriole to brighten the page up?!

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