Monday, 6 October 2008

Vis Way Too High, 6th October 2008

I'm doing well in keeping my promise of going birding on every available day. I actually went out to see a band last night and still got up to go birding! Mind you it wasn't a rock band and there was no real ale involved so that's probably why.

My first port of call, as usual, was Rossall Point at first light. It was clear with a moderate SE wind. The problem was the murk out in the bay and the very clear conditions above. This meant that for the hour that I was there very little crossed the bay and the Chaffinch's that were moving were beyond the range of my ageing eyes! I could hear them but couldn't see 'em! Later in the morning when it cleared there was a constant movement of Meadow Pipits over my house.

Consequently my vis totals were rather pathetic including 3 Grey Wagtails, 25 Mipits, 3 Linnets, 8 Chaffinch, 10 Alba Wags, 7 Snipe, 20 Starling, 2 Reed Bunts and 3 Swallows. Are you asleep yet?

Grounded migrants, not that I expected any in these conditions, consisted of a Wheatear and male Stonechat.

A quick look in Mount Park revealed very little other than 2 Goldcrests and a male Stonechat perched on top of a poplar!

Fleetwood Cemetery was equally quiet with a party of 4 Long-tailed Tits dragging along a Coal Tit and Goldcrest. And that was it.

I had to go to Leyland in the afternoon to Bamfords to pick some bird food up for my feeding station and I dropped the food off and put some food out and had a quick look. It was interesting to note that the Tree Sparrows had built up to at least 88 birds. Nice!

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